Gateway SaniFold® N95 Particulate Respirators

Manufacturer: GATEWAY SAFETY, INC.
Non-Returnable Product
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Manufacturer: GATEWAY SAFETY, INC.
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Product description:
Individually and hygienically sealed, SaniFold respirators ensure the sanitary condition of each mask when opened. Foldable design is ideal for easy carrying and storage. Large, flexible shell creates an “air pocket“ that makes breathing easier. Ultra-soft polypropylene lining provides superior comfort. NIOSH approved N95 level protection. Available in vented and unvented styles.
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Gateway SaniFold® N95 Particulate Respirators, Vented, Flat Fold *Non-Returnable*
Gateway SaniFold® N95 Particulate Respirators, Unvented, Flat Fold *Non-Returnable*
Product # GW80202V GW80201
Color White White
Vented Yes No
Brand SaniFold® SaniFold®