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N95 Face Mask, White, With One-Way Valve
Manufacturer: DUKAL CORP.
List Price: $16.49 BX of 5 EA
Manufacturer: DUKAL CORP.
Product description:

  • Respirator/surgical masks meet NIOSH and CDC guidelines
  • Respirators are designed to reduce wearer exposure to airborne disease and meet CDC guidelines for tuberculosis2 exposure control
  • Filter efficiency of 95% or greater against particulate aerosols-free of oil (Type N95 respirator)
  • Surgical masks are designed to provide physical barrier to fluids and particulate materials with high fluid penetration resistance (ASTMF1862-05/160mmHg)
  • Particle filtration efficiency (PFE) of >99%
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 99.9%
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
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Total Items Selected
N95 Face Mask, White, With One-Way Valve
Product # 2351-57295
Color White
Shape Cone
Sterile Non-Sterile