DriPAD Absorbent Pads

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Product description:
Absorbent DriPADs™ are nonwoven disposable pads available in a variety of sizes. They are designed to absorb large amounts of biohazardous fluids: Up to 30x their weight in fluids. DriPADs use specially coated microscopic beads, or micro spheres, deep within the pad to draw fluids from the surface, so the pad surface remains dry. They control and isolate the spill, and then trap the fluids inside. A proprietary antimicrobial agent is added to every DriPAD™ to control bacteria and odors. The agent is EPA registered and FDA recognized.

  • Soak up pools of blood
  • Absorb and trap urine from incontinent patients
  • Contain blood from scalp wounds
  • Manage fluids during field births
  • Protect your equipment, gurney or cab seat
  • Reduce clean-up time
  • Improve turn around
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Dripad™ Soaker Absorbent Pad, 9in x 9in, Purple
*Discontinued* Dripad™ Gurney Absorbent Pad, 23in x 60in, Purple
Product # 1073-40909 1073-23602
Color Purple Purple
Sterile Non-Sterile Non-Sterile
Dimension 9in x 9in 23in x 60in
Brand Dripad™ Dripad™
Disposable Yes Yes