Pediatric Drug Chart, 8th Edition

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Pediatric Drug Chart™ has been completely updated to include current AHA guidelines. Includes new EMS and ACLS medications and the laryngeal mask airway sizes. You can easily carry it in your trauma or pediatric drug kit, attach it to a wall, or the side of drug/crash cart to keep it handy when needed. This chart makes it easy for physicians, nurses and paramedics to look up correct pediatric drug doses, because the math is already done. All doses are shown in ml. The built-in length/weight ruler makes it easy for the provider to estimate patient weights.
  • Includes current AHA guidelines
  • Updated pediatric emergency medications
  • New emergency drugs
  • ET tube, laryngeal mask airway, suction catheter and nasogastric tube sizes
  • Pediatric cardiac algorithms
  • Vital signs
  • Infant burn charts
  • APGAR scale
  • Infant and child glasgow coma
  • Length/weight ruler
  • IV drips
  • Nebulized pediatric medications
  • Temperat
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Pediatric Drug Chart, 8th Edition
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