Writing Pad, 8in H x 5in W, Yellow

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Product description:
These narrow-ruled legal pads in canary yellow measure 5in x 8in and are micro-perforated for neat and easy sheet removal. These are easily transportable and help you keep your writing neat and organized. When you need compact writing pads to put in your briefcase or bag, whether you take them to a client meeting or job site, these Staples perforated writing pads fit the bill. They're narrow ruled, so you can get plenty of information onto a page, and the pages remain firmly attached to the pad until you're ready to tear them off. Convenient size: These Staples® perforated writing pads are 5in x 8in, so they're easily transportable. You can also order these Staples writing pads in other sizes to fit your needs. Keep notes organized: Each of the fifty sheets of paper on each pad is narrow ruled, so you can keep your writing neat and organized. The narrow lines enable you to write more information on a single page than you would be able to with other pads. Easy to use: When you are ready to tear a sheet of paper off one of these Staples writing pads, you can do so easily thanks to a perforated edge. The sheets stay firmly attached to the pad until you tear them off.
  • Jr. legal ruled for more writing space, 34 lines per page
  • Standard 15lb paper
  • Micro Perforated sheets remove with no visible raw edge
  • Sturdy 35 pt. backing
  • 30% Post-consumer recycled content
  • 50 Sheets/pad
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Writing Pad, 8in H x 5in W, Yellow
Product # 660640
Punched/Unpunched Unpunched
Paper Weight 16lb
Rule Type Narrow
Pad Type Notepad
Color Canary Yellow
Binding Taped
Sheet Perforation Perforated
Weight 2.2lb
Binding Edge Top
No. of Sheets 41 to 50
Dimensions 8in H x 5in W