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Powerheart® G3 Pro AED Package
List Price: $3,485.00 EA
Product description:

With semi-automatic operation, manual override option, and 3-lead ECG monitoring capability, the Powerheart® G3 AED Pro gives medical professionals the tools you need to be in complete control.

The advanced Powerheart G3 Pro* is the industry’s first AED with backlit color ECG display, manual override, and 3-lead ECG monitoring capabilities. Thanks to its RHYTHMx® analysis algorithm, the G3 Pro lets professional rescuers proactively monitor the patient’s heart rhythm for life-threatening arrhythmias. This is a major benefit: The earlier a responder detects life-threatening arrhythmias, the shorter the time to defibrillation and the better the chance for survival.

Total Items Selected
Total Items Selected
Powerheart® G3 Pro AED Package
Product # 2745-93101
Indicator Rescue Ready Status, SmartGauge Battery, Service, Pad
CPR Compressions-Only CPR or CPR with Rescue Breaths
Display Diagonal Transreflective
Weight 7lb
Control Shock Button, Manual Override
Pacemaker Pulse Detection Yes
Battery IntelliSense® Lithium
Type Semi-Automatic
Display Type TFT
Shock Delivery Built-in Automatic Synchronization Feature
Display Resolution 113.5 dots/in
Pad Type Adult, Pre-Gelled, Self-Adhesive, Disposable
For Use With Professional Responder Use
Display Size 3.5in
Battery Life 1-Year or 12 Hour
Display Parameter 320 x 240 Pixels
Paediatric Capability Yes
Brand Powerheart®
Dimension 3.3in H x 12.4in W x 10.6in D
Waveform Star® Biphasic Truncated Exponential