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Red Dot™ Plastic Film Resting EKG Electrodes, Adult, 2cm x 2cm Size
Manufacturer: 3M HEALTH CARE
List Price: $509.99 CS of 4000 EA
Manufacturer: 3M HEALTH CARE
Product description:

  • Tab-style electrode has pressure-sensitive conductive adhesive that is easy to apply and remove
  • Provides rapid and intimate skin contact to ensure high quality trace pickup
  • Extra large tabs for easy handling and attachment
  • Semi-stiff backing reduces roll-off and minimizes electrode lift
  • Suggested applications: General ECG monitoring situations where skin moisture is an issue. For use in ER, or, stress test, cardiac rehab and echo-cardiography departments
  • 2330 Electrode has less aggressive adhesive than the 2360
  • Clinical area: critical care, emergency medical services (ems), emergency room, intensive care, pediatric, physician office, surgery
  • Echo-cardio monitoring event
  • Fragile, normal skin type
  • 3.04cm x 2.03cm Electrode size
  • 2.03 x 2.03cm Skin contact size
  • 4.12sq cm Adhesive area
  • 0.01cm H excluding connector
  • Recommended max application time: Short term use (resting ekg), sealed pouch
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Total Items Selected
Red Dot™ Plastic Film Resting EKG Electrodes, Adult, 2cm x 2cm Size
Product # 2741-33002
Latex Content No
Length 2cm
MRI Safe No
Type Resting
Latex-Free Yes
Size Adult
Material Plastic Film
Application Pediatrics Units, Stepdown/Observation, Pediatrics PICU
Securing Method Adhesive Gel
For Use With ER, OR, Stress Test, Cardiac Rehab and Echo-Cardiography Departments
Style Tab Style
Sensor Conductive Adhesive (Sticky Gel) Gel System, 4.12sq cm Gel Area, 4.12sq cm Sensor Area
Life Stage Adult
X-Ray Compatibility Radiolucent
Brand Red Dot™
Dimension 2cm x 2cm