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IntelliVue MP2 Patient Monitor with ECG, RESP, NiBP, SpO2
List Price: $6,743.00 EA
Product description:
The intelliVue MP2 portable patient monitor is compact in size, ergonomic, and modular in design. It provides an easy-to-use touchscreen user interface, is highly customizable and shares a technological platform with the philips intelliVue MP5-MP90 patient monitors. The IntelliVue series offers a complete monitoring solution that is flexible and modular, designed to suit a broad spectrum of monitoring needs.
  • Measurement features- Compact, rugged, llightweight monitor with built in measurements
  • ECG monitoring using any combination of three to 10 electrodes
  • 12-lead ECG monitoring with five electrodes using the EASI method or with 10 electrodes using the conventional method
  • Multi-lead arrhythmia and ST segment analysis at the bedside on all available leads
  • Mainstream or SideStream CO2
  • Choice of FAST SpO2 or Nellcor™ OxiMax™ SpO2 1
  • Invasive pressure and temperature measurement
  • The monitor can operate using battery power for up to 3hr with basic monitoring configuration to let you safely and easily monitor patients during in-hospital transfer. AC power is provided by an external power supply
  • Telemetry devices can be connected via short range radio to monitor telemetry data (ECG/SpO2) on the MP2 screen (telemetry as a parameter (TAAP))
  • IntelliVue cableless measurement devices can be connected via short range radio to monitor data from the intelliVue CL SpO2 pod or intelliVue CL NBP pod on the MP2 screen
  • The cableless measurement devices can also be controlled from an assigned MP2 via short range radio
  • Usability features - touchscreen and hard keys as input device
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple menu hierarchy gives fast access to all basic monitoring tasks
  • Patient data management with tabular and graphic trends
  • Settings "profiles" for rapid case turnover
  • Patented automatic alarm limits help clinicians provide care more efficiently
  • 3.5in TFT flat panel display with QVGA (320 x 240) resolution, wide viewing angle, large numerics, permanently visible alarm limits and up to three real-time waves
  • Capable of functioning in a wireless infrastructure (IIT)
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Total Items Selected
IntelliVue MP2 Patient Monitor with ECG, RESP, NiBP, SpO2
Product # 2612-20021
Indicator LED
ECG Range Adult/Pedi 15 to 300bpm, Neo Range: 15 to 350bpm
Power Requirements 100 to 240V ~ Line Voltage, 1.3 to 0.7 A Current, 50/60Hz Frequency
SpO2 Range 0 to 100%
Humidity Range 15% to 95% Relative Humidity (RH) (Non Condensing)
Weight 2.8lb
Temperature Range 0 to 40°C
Parameters ECG, Resp, NBP, SpO2
Dimension 7.4in x 3.9in x 3.4in
Respiration Range 0 to 120rpm, Neo Range: 0 to 170rpm
NBP Range Systolic- Adult: 30 to 270mmHg, Pedi: 30 to 180mmHg, Neo: 30 to 130mmHg