Easy Care Reusable BP Cuffs

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Product description:

Philips latex-free blood pressure cuffs deliver customized care for all your automated and manual NiBP monitoring needs. The system of cuffs and easily secured adapters allow for universal connectivity to other manufacturers' NIBP monitors. Philips blood pressure cuffs include both single- and double-hose models to help you buy, stock, and standardize on one brand.


  • With rounded edges for greater comfort and designed for use in most areas of the hospital
  • Easy care multi-patient cuffs are durable, come in a wide range of sizes and are treated with Micropelâ„¢, an antimicrobial agent that prevents the growith of fungal, bacterial, and algal organisms on the cuff
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Bladder Length
Bladder Width
No. of Tubes
Cuff Color
Life Stage
Connector Type
For use with
Limb Circumference
Life Stage
Cuff Type
Total Items Selected
Total Items Selected
Multi-Patient Reusable Antimicrobial Blood Pressure Cuff with Single Hose, Infant, Orange
*Limited Quantity* Easy Care Blood Pressure Cuff, Navy Blue, Adult
Multi-Patient Reusable Antimicrobial Blood Pressure Cuff with Single Hose, Pediatric, Green
Easy Care Blood Pressure Cuff, Large Adult, Burgundy
Product # M4552A M4555A M4553A M4557A
Color Orange Green
Bladder Length 15cm 30cm 21.5cm
Bladder Width 5.5cm 8cm
Disposable No
No. of Tubes 1
Cuff Color Navy Blue
Life Stage Infant 52.5cm L Pediatric
Design Reusable Reusable
Connector Type Bayonet Cuff Connector Style
For use with M1008B, M1176A, M3000A, M3001A, M3002A, 862474, 862478, 863055, 863057, 863058, 863059, 863060 Philips Healthcare Equipment, M1598B, M1599B Other Supplies
Latex Free Yes Yes Yes
Limb Circumference 10 to 15cm 27.5 to 36cm 14 to 21.5cm
Life Stage Adult
Cuff Type Multi-patient Multi-patient
Brand Easy Care