ROSC-U™ Mechanical Miniature Chest Compressor System

Manufacturer: Resuscitation International LLC
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Manufacturer: Resuscitation International LLC
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Product description:
The ROSC-U™ Miniature Chest Compressor is a compact CPR device that delivers consistent chest compressions. In less than 10 seconds it is secured directly to the chest by a wide belt called a Torso Restraint which wraps around the patient. The combination of a low profile and special method of patient attachment allows the ROSC-U™ to perform quality CPR in challenging situations during patient transport. 
360° Adjustable Compressions:
  • Delivers 360° compressions for more effective chest compression and improved perfusion
  • Compressions adjust to the anatomy of the individual patient- reducing occurrences of patient injuries, increasing use time by decreasing energy required
  • Delivers circumferential chest compressions vs. Single point compression -More effective chest compression, l Improved perfusion
  • Intuitive, easy to use, and no complicated programming
  • Very little training required of personnel
  • 10 sec deployment minimizes CPR interruptions
  • Unique battery allows up to 3 hours use on a full charge
  • Compact size and weight requiring little storage space
  • Can be used with virtually any transport device - no backboard required
  • Frees up personnel to allow focus on other critical functions
  • Allows CPR to be performed longer with greater consistency
  • Frees up personnel allowing for- focus on other critical functions, improved communication and coordination of care
  • Uses lithium iron phosphate battery technology (up to 3hr use on a full charge)
Products included with the ROSC-U Device:
  • 1 bag
  • 1 disposable torso restraint
  • 1 disposable head rest
  • 1 battery charger
Dimensions: 7.15in x 5in x 7.75in


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ROSC-U™ Mechanical Miniature Chest Compressor System
Product # 4510-30100
Interruption of Manual Compressions 10sec or less
Duty Cycle 50 ± 5
Compression Modes Operator Selectable: Continuous Compressions, 30:2 (30 Compressions Followed by a 3 Second Pause for Ventilation)
Compressor Dimension 7.15in x 5in x 7.75in
Run Time per Charge Up to 3 Hours Use on a Full Charge
Compression Frequency 100/min ± 5
Chest Circumference 30.7 to 51.1in
Compression Depth 1.38/1.69/2in (Adjustable)
Battery Control Unit 10in x 6in x 9in
Operating Temperature -20 to 40°C
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate
Storage Temperature -20 to 60°C
Brand ROSC-U™