Philips MRx Holders

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Unsecured medical equipment stored in ambulances, helicopters, other EMS vehicles, and crash carts have the potential to become a damaging object, as the vehicle makes sudden turns, stops and starts. The result can be damage or destruction of the costly equipment and/or a potential injury to the patient and vulnerable attendants. To spare the expense of costly repair or replacement of equipment, and medical care and possible legal redress for injury, consider outfitting your EMS vehicles or crash cart with a Defibrillator Holder.
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Philips MRx EMS Mount, 12.6in L x 12in W x 2.7in H
Philips MRx EMS Mount, 14.652in L x 14.61in W x 14.99in H
Product # H8000 H8000A
For use with For Phillips MRX Without Case Use with Heart-Start® MRx
Brand Philips Philips
Dimensions 11.891in L x 13.5in W x 13.287in H 14.652in L x 14.61in W x 14.99in H