F6 Express Fetal Monitor, 347mm x 330mm x 126mm

Manufacturer: EDAN USA
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Manufacturer: EDAN USA
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Product description:
F6 Express is a high end hospital grade monitor designed for multi-bed units with central station yet simple enough for private practice, it offers the most advanced integrated monitoring for the delivery room in big hospital; private obstetrician's office; antepartum clinic. F6 Express are designed for use in moving situation covers the entire continuum of antepartum and intrapartum applications.
  • Basic parameters: FHR, TOCO, Event Mark, AFM
  • Optional dual FHR monitoring
  • Optional internal parameters: IUP/DECG
  • 24hr waveforms playback
  • Optional built-in wireless module
  • 150/152mm wide paper printing
  • Support American/international standard
  • 1、2、3cm/min real-time printing speeds
  • Quick printing for stored waveform
  • Lithium battery for 4hr continuous working
  • 10.2in high resolution color folding up LCD screen
  • Probe rack and wall mounting rack
  • Handle for easy carry
  • Optional fetal stimulators
  • Multi-crystal pulse wave Doppler waterproof transducer for FHR detection
  • Signals overlap verification
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F6 Express Fetal Monitor, 347mm x 330mm x 126mm
Product # 660312
Communication Port DB9 Network Interface, RJ45 Interface
Ultrasound Accuracy ±2bpm
Ultrasound Resolution 1bpm
Display 10.2in Color TFT-LCD
Weight 6kg
Ultrasound Frequency 1.0MHz+10%
Ultrasound FHR Range 50bpm-240bpm
Ultrasound Technique Ultrasound Pulse Doppler with correlation
Battery 14.8V Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery, Continuous Working Time: 2 to 4hr
Resolution 800 x 480
Dimensions 347mm x 330mm x 126mm
Ultrasound Pulse Repetition Rate 2KHz