Microdot CO Breath Analyzer Kit

Manufacturer: Cambridge Sensors USA, LLC
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Manufacturer: Cambridge Sensors USA, LLC
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Product description:


  • Readings are conducted at Alveolar level in the lungs where gas exchange occurs
  • There is not a risk of light interfering with the test result.
  • Finger position is not a problem when using a breath activated device.
  • Minimal breath volume is needed for a reading.
  • Skin thickness or color does not interfere with the test results.
  • A breath activated device CAN be used on children.
  • Durable highly visible hardcase and protective sleeve included.
  • Cost of device and disposables are less expensive than other forms of CO measurement
  • No corded finger clip to break or lose.

The microdot® CO Breath Analyzer is supplied with:

  • microdot® CO Breath Analyzer - Product number: 1000-01
  • 22 mm plastic mouthpiece adapter - Product number: 1000-01
  • 22 mm reducing connector for calibration - Product number: 1000-01
  • PP3 9V Lithium battery (installed)
  • 4 disposable cardboard mouthpieces - Product number: 1000-03 22mm (500 per box)
  • Carry case
  • Operating Manual
  • Orange protective sleeve
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Microdot CO Breath Analyzer Kit
Product # 2780-10001