Medi-Trace SF Series Foam Electrodes

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Product description:

Medi-Trace™ SF series electrodes are intended for use in general monitoring applications. The foam substrate repels fluids and conforms to body contours. The Kendall™ SF450 series electrodes have a skin abrader conveniently located on the backside of the liner and the bulk packages of 50 include a ziplock feature to keep product from falling out during storage.

  • Conductive adhesive hydrogel
  • 1-3/4in Teardrop
  • Aggressive adhesive: Provides excellent adhesion for maximum electrical contact
  • Proprietary conductive adhesive hydrogel: Provides additional adhesion, consistent tracings, no messy residue and stays fresh up to 45 days out of the package
  • High quality foam substrate: Resists fluids and conforms easily to skin
  • Resealable pouch on bulk packs: Allows product to be resealed for freshness and prevent spillage
  • Non-irritationg gel formula: Patient comfort and reduced clinician time
  • Tear drop shape & lift tab: Facilitates easy removall from release liner and patient
  • Built-in skin abrader on liner: Saves time with skin abrader being conveniently located
  • Pouches contain individual electrodes: Allows electrodes to be applied to lead wires prior to use
  • These ECG electrodes are Latex-free
  • All our electrode electrical characteristics meet or exceed AAMI specifications, including DC Offset, AC Impedance, Defibrillation Recovery and DC Drift. Actual specifications vary depending on the product
  • Shave excessive hair at application site and wipe with dry gauze to abrade the skin. Note: If protocol includes the use of alcohol, be sure to follow the use of alcohol with a dry gauze rub. Alcohol can leave a film on the skin that will degrade signal and adhesive quality
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Kendall™ Medi-Trace® SF450 Series Foam Electrodes, Adult, 1-3/4in Diameter Size
Kendall™ Medi-Trace® SF450 Series Foam Electrodes, Adult, 1-3/4in Diameter Size
Product # C832104 C832113
Shape Tear Drop Tear Drop
Connecting Type Snap Connector Snap Connector
Latex Content No No
Packaging Type Resealable Bulk Pack Resealable Bulk Pack
Outer Diameter 1-3/4in Diameter 1-3/4in Diameter
MRI Safe No No
Type Monitoring Monitoring
Material Foam Foam
Application EKG Snap Electrode, General Adult Monitoring Applications EKG Snap Electrode, General Adult Monitoring Applications
Life Stage Adult Adult
Securing Method Gel Adhesive Gel Adhesive
Backing Type Foam Foam
Life Stage Adult Adult
Latex Free Yes Yes
X-Ray Compatibility Non-radiolucent Non-radiolucent
Brand Kendall™ Medi-Trace® Kendall™ Medi-Trace®
O.D./I.D 1-3/4in Diameter 1-3/4in Diameter
Dimensions 1-3/4in Diameter 1-3/4in Diameter