Smart OmniLine® Disposable CO2 Sampling Lines

Manufacturer: COVIDIEN
List Price: $20.49 - $21.79 EA
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Manufacturer: COVIDIEN
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Product description:
  • Offers precise and accurate sampling with improved performance for CO2 monitoring of non-intubated patients who are either nose or mouth breathers
  • Patented Uni-Junction™ design assures oral and nasal sampling even at low tidal volumes, with minimal dilution of the CO2 waveform during O2 delivery
  • Surface area of oral prong to provide effective breath capture even in the presence of shallow breathing
  • Small diameter for the circuit (1.0mm ID microbore tubing) improve accuracy and response time
  • Ideal under masks for accurate CO2 monitoring during DPAP, bi-Level device or NPVV and high flow rate O2 delivery therapy
  • For use with most SideStream monitors
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Smart OmniLine® Disposable CO2 Sampling Line with Oxygen Tubing, Pediatric
Smart OmniLine® Plus Disposable CO2 Sampling Line with Oxygen Tubing, Adult/Intermediate
Smart OmniLine® Plus Disposable CO2 Sampling Line with O2 Connector, Adult/Intermediate
Product # 2722-60600 2722-17701 2722-17201
Nasal Prongs Curved Prong/Non-flared Tip
Color Clear
Life Stage Pediatric Adult/Intermediate Adult/Intermediate
Sterile Non-sterile
Type With Oxygen Delivery
Brand Smart OmniLine® Smart OmniLine® Plus Smart OmniLine® Plus
Disposable Yes
Supply Tube Length 6-1/2ft O2 Tubing