Closed System Foley Tray

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Product description:
Silicone-Elastomer-Coated Latex Closed System Foley Catheter Tray: Manufacturing process provides the maximum amount of silicone coating available. Latex catheter coated internally and externally to resist encrustation and bacterial colonization. Contains: Compartmentalized prep tray, wrapped gloves, 3 pre-saturated PVP swabsticks, 2 dry swabsticks, moisture-proof under pad, fenestrated drape, 10 cc syringe prefilled with sterile water, water soluble lube jelly, specimen container with ID label, all packaged in CSR wrap.
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Catheter Type
Closed System
Life Stage
Sample Port Type
Total Items Selected
Total Items Selected
Two Layer Foley Catheter Tray with Drain Bag, 10mL, 14fr
Two Layer Foley Catheter Tray with Drain Bag, 10mL, 16fr
Two Layer Silicone-Elastomer Coated Foley Catheter Tray Set, 18fr
Product # 2790-85514 2790-86016 2790-86518
Catheter Type Conventional
Temperature Sensing No No No
Material Silicone-elastomer Silicone-elastomer
Closed System Yes
Life Stage 14fr 16fr
Sample Port Type Blunt Cannula Blunt Cannula
Latex Free No No No
Life Stage Adult Adult Adult
Type Foley Tray Foley Tray
Balloon Size 10cm3 10cm3 10cm3