Microtainer Contact-Activated Lancets

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Product description:
The contact activation method activates only when the it is positioned and pressed against the skin and also facilitates a consistent puncture depth. It covers only a small area at the contact point, resulting in improved visibility of the puncture site. Its ergonomic design allows for a comfortable grip. The lancet automatically retracts into the device, which prevents the lancet from being reused and minimizes the possibility of injury. Color coded for identification. Available in different sizes.
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Needle Gauge
Incision Type
Blood Flow Type
Incision Depth
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Microtainer™ Contact-Activated Lancet, Blue, 2mm Blade x 1.5mm D
Microtainer™ Contact-Activated Lancet, Pink, 21ga x 1.8mm D
Product # 2764-59413 2764-59321
Color Blue Pink
Needle Gauge 21ga
Target Area Fingertip Fingertip
Type Fixed Depth Fixed Depth
Disposable Yes Yes
Incision Type Blade Needle
Blood Flow Type High Flow Medium Flow
Incision Depth 1.5mm 1.8mm
Sterile Yes Yes
Activation Type Pressure Activated Pressure Activated
Latex Free Yes Yes
Style Retractable Retractable
Brand Microtainer™ Microtainer™