*Limited Quantity* Cardio2Go™ Handheld Heart Monitor

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The Cardio2Go™ handheld EKG device reads a modified lead I rhythm anywhere instantly using patented dry-thumb receptors or wrist electrodes. Get on-the-spot 30-second analysis of: Heart rate, QRS duration, ST elevation/depression. Now, you can identify heart arrhythmias before fatal rhythms occur. The Cardio2Go™ handheld EKG records 30 seconds of modified EKG signal for each measurement. Vivid LCD screen instantly displays three parameter measurements: heart rate (HR), ST segment and QRS interval. Get additional PR and QT/QTc analysis by simply downloading results to a laptop using software and USB cable provided. The EKG can then be emailed for emergency or specialized care - saving time and lives! Patented dry-thumb electrodes and handheld design make Cardio2Go™ ideal for firefighter rehab, HAZMAT and bike EMS. Cardio2Go™ comes with a padded Velcro cover, durable Pelican carrying case.

Dimensions: 124mm x 78mm x 22mm

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*Limited Quantity* Cardio2Go™ Handheld Heart Monitor
Product # 2746-11693
ST Segment -3 to 3mm
Power Requirements 1.5v (AAA) Battery x 2
Display 240 x 128 Dot-matrix LCD Display
Weight 150g Excluding Battery
Measurement Time 30sec
Output USB Interface
Input Dry Conduction Electrodes and/or External Auxiliary Electrodes
Average HR 45 to 180bpm
QRS Interval < 0.20 Sec
Operating Temperature 50 to 104°F
Humidity 25% ~ 95%
Storage Temperature -4 to 122°F
Brand Cardio2Go™
Dimensions 124mm x 78mm x 22mm
Sampling Frequency 250 Samples/Sec