acapella® DM & DH Vibratory PEP Therapy System

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Product description:

acapella® combines the benefits of both PEP therapy and airway vibrations to mobilize pulmonary secretions and can be used in virtually any spatial orientation.

acapella® DM & DH Vibratory PEP Therapy System features:

  • Color-coded
  • Blue-DM <15 lpm for 3 seconds
  • Green-DH ≥15 lpm for 3 seconds
  • Inspiratory Valve
  • 22mm OD ambient end
  • 22mm OD patient end
  • Expiratory resistance dial
  • Patented rocker mechanism

Use of acapella® DM & DH Vibratory PEP Therapy System has many benefits, including:

  • Allows inhalation and exhalation without removing from mouth
  • Prolongs expiratory airflow to increase removal of secretions
  • Allows use with mask or mouthpiece attachment
  • Allows use with inline nebulizer when fitted with tee adapter.
  • Accommodates virtually any patient’s lung capacity.
  • Can be used in any position - patient is free to sit, stand or recline
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acapella® DH Vibratory PEP Therapy System, Green *Non-Returnable*
acapella® DM Vibratory PEP Therapy System, Blue *Non-Returnable*
Product # 26-21-1530EA 26-21-1015EA
Ambient End OD 22mm 22mm
Color Green Blue
Life Stage ≥15 lpm <15 lpm
Patient End OD 22mm 22mm
Mechanism Patented Rocker Patented Rocker
Brand acapella® acapella®