Easy Dial® Oxygen Regulators

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Product description:
  • The easy dial reg is only 4-1/4in long and weights a mere 7.8oz as a result of the offset gauge and new multi-spring technology
  • The unit's easily accessible flow adjustment knob is large and knurled making flow adjustment a cinch, even for the physically challenged
  • The easy dial reg features a built-in pressure relief valve, as well as a protected contents gauge. The low force Viton yoke seal provides a better tank-to-reg seal
  • Unique design minimizes normal flow variation that occurs as tank pressure drops
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Easy Dial® Oxygen Regulator, Yoke Style, 0 to 15 LPM, Black Gauge Guard
Easy Dial® Oxygen Regulator, Yoke Style (870), 0-15 LPM
Product # 715-168715D-K 168715D
Connection Type CGA-870 Yoke Inlet
Flow Range 0 to 15L/min
Flow Rate 0 to 15lpm
LPM Off, .50, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 15
Connector Type CGA-870 Yoke Inlet
Style Yoke
Regulator Type Without DISS
Brand Easy Dial®