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Ventilator, e600 Electronic Automatic Transport
List Price: $6,529.99 EA
Product description:

The e600 is designed for patients 13 lbs. to large adults.


  • 5 Ventilation Modes - Assist Control - SIMV, CPAP with Apnea backup, Masked CPR and intubated CPR
  • Large Range of Ventilation Parameters
  • Live Monitoring with Real Time Patient Data
  • Full Range of Alarms
  • 18 - 24 hr. Battery life
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Total Items Selected
Ventilator, e600 Electronic Automatic Transport
Product # 2421-60050
Pmax 10 to 80cm H2O
I-E Ratio Adjustable (3:1 to 1:4)
Battery Operating Time 18hr for Default Settings
O2 (%) (FiO2) 60 or 100 (0.6 to 1)
Parameter Settings Single, Multi Function Rotary Control
Pause Function Yes
Built-in Battery Charger Yes
Minute Volume 1 to 74L
Display Type 4.3in Color TFT Screen
DAY/NIGHT Display Mode Yes
PEEP Adjustable 4 to 20cm H2O
Patient Type 6kg to Large Adult
Pmin 0 to 20cm H2O
Ventilation Frequency 5 to 60
Apnea Back Up Time Adjustable 10 to 60sec
Dimension 250mm x 200mm x 155mm
Power Source Compressed Oxygen
Trigger Sensitivity 3 to 15L/min
Circuit Control Source Electric
Patient Circuit O-Two Electronic Ventilator Circuit
Manually Triggered Ventilation Yes
Weight 2.4kg with Battery, 1.77 without Battery
Alarm (Visual and Audible) Gas Supply Pressure, Pmax, Pmin, Low Battery, BCI, Apnea, Leak, Vm min, Vm max
A/C Power Adapter 100 to 240VAC/ 19VDC, 4.74A
CPAP Adjustable 4 to 20cm H2O
Mounting Type Multi-configuration Bracket
Quick Start Mode Default VT/BPM Adult 500/10 Child 250/15 Infant 100/20
Ti 0.2 to 9.0sec
BVM Accessory Yes
Lock Key Function Yes
Real Time Waveform Display Selectable Pressureor Flow
Audible Silence Yes, 120sec
Tidal Volume 50 to 2000mL
Ventilation Mode SIMV, A/C (VCV), CPAP, Mask CPR (MCPR) and Intubated CPR (ICPR) Adult/Child/Infant Quick Start Mode, Manual, Intuitive Patient Apnea Backup (IPAB)
Live Monitoring Vm, vt, Paw (AV), PAW (Peak), F, BPM, Battery level