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paraPAC Ventilators
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Product description:
The paraPAC is a powerful and compact gas powered ventilator which meets JAMA guidelines for adult, child, and infant ventilation during CPR. The frequency control varies the breathing rate from 8 to 40 per minute and is color coded with the tidal volume control which gives volumes from 1300 ml to 70 ml. The paraPAC is equipped with a two-point blender of 100% O2 or an air mix of 50% O2. It also has adjustable relief pressure of 20 to 80 cmH2O with optional audible alarm. If the patient makes any spontaneous breathing effort, oxygen is automatically taken from the integral demand valve. If this breathing is inadequate for the patient, then the ventilator still delivers minimum ventilation but delays each breath appropriately to synchronize with the patient’s breathing effort. If the patient breaths adequately, then the ventilator becomes inhibited and oxygen is supplied by the demand valve only.
  • Patented mode of operation
  • Optional PEEP facility
  • MRI compatible up to 3 Tesla
  • Pneumatically powered
  • Lightweight and durable
Pneupac® paraPAC Ventilator Specifications:
  • Principle of Operation: Time/Volume Cycled
  • User Type: Adults, Children/Infants > 11 lbs (5 kg)
  • Ventilation Mode: Demand – SMMV/Demand
  • Tidal Volume: 1300 - 70 ml
  • Frequency: 8 - 40 b/min (12 b/min at click stop)
  • Flow Range: 6 - 60 L/min
  • I:E Ratio: 1:3 at 8 b/min to 1:1.3 at 40 b/min
  • Pressure Relief
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MRI Compatible
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Total Items Selected
Pneupac® ParaPAC® Ventilator w/o Integrated Alarms
Pneupac® ParaPAC® Ventilator, With Integrated Alarms
Product # 531001 120003
Latex-Free Yes Yes
I-E Ratio 1:3 at 8b/min to 1:1.3 at 40b/min 1:3 at 8b/min to 1:1.3 at 40b/min
With Integrated Alarms
User Type Adult, Children/Infant >11lb (5kg) Adult, Children/Infant >11lb (5kg)
Flow Range 6 to 60L/min 6 to 60L/min
MRI Compatible Up to 3 Tesla
Sterile Non-Sterile
Tidal Volume 1300 to 70mL 1300 to 70mL
Ventilation Mode Demand – SMMV/Demand Demand – SMMV/Demand
Brand Pneupac® ParaPAC® Pneupac® ParaPAC®
Principle of Operation Time/Volume Cycled Time/Volume Cycled
Frequency 8 to 40b/min (12b/min at Click Stop) 8 to 40b/min (12b/min at Click Stop)