Easy-Fold Stretchers

Manufacturer: JUNKIN SAFETY
List Price: $255.99 - $466.99 EA
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Manufacturer: JUNKIN SAFETY
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Product description:
Easy-Fold Stretchers are easily set up and compact for storing.
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Folded Width
Open Length
Wheel Size
Folded Length
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Easy-Fold Aluminum Pole Stretcher, Green
Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretcher, 350lb, Green
Easy-Fold Plain Stretcher, Green
Product # B0153 B0151 JSA603
Frame Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Folded Height 7-1/2in 9in 2-3/4in
Color Green Green Green
Weight 14lb 13lb 9lb
Folded Width 3-1/2in 20-1/2in
Capacity 350lb
Open Length 87in 74in 74in
Material Nylon Nylon Nylon
Width 22in 20-1/2in
Stretcher Type Folding Folding Folding
Wheel Size 53-1/2in Base
Height 4-1/2in 9in 1-1/4in
Folded Length 43-1/2in 36-1/2in 36-1/2in