SAF-300-W Lightweight Basket Stretchers

Manufacturer: JUNKIN SAFETY
List Price: $331.99 - $371.99 EA
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Manufacturer: JUNKIN SAFETY
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Catalog page # 220
Product description:
SAF-300-W Lightweight Basket Stretcher designed to accommodate most standard 16 inch x 72 inch full length backboards.
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Stretcher Basket Without Leg Divider, Plasitisol Coating
Stretcher Basket Without Leg Divider, 82in L x 8-1/2in H
Product # 260300WP 260300
Chest Width 24-1/4in 24-1/4in
Color Gray
Calf Width 23in
Abdomen Width 24in
Weight 32lb 31lb
Stretcher Type Basket Basket
Coating Material Plastisol
Thigh Width 23-1/2in
Load Capacity 1500lb 1500lb
Dimensions 82in L X 8-1/2in H 82in L X 8-1/2in H