Certa Dose® PALS Syringe Holder Kit

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Product description:

PALS Syringe Holder Kit for use with Pediatric Advanced Life Support Guidelines​

Visual aid helps medical professionals follow PALS guidelines at the point of care when every second counts. Simulated studies show high error rates during prehospital, pediatric cardiopulmonary arrest.

PALS Guidelines At Your Fingertips!​

  • Focus on the patient when the stakes are highest
  • Visual aid that conforms with PALS guidelines
  • Administration without the need for a 3-way stopcock
  • Includes retractable length-based resuscitation tape

Kit Contents:​

  • (3) Epinephrine Syringe Holders, size 10 mL
  • (1) Atropine Sulfate Syringe Holder, size 10 mL
  • (1) Lidocaine HCl Syringe Holder, size 5 mL
  • Baseline Reference Labels
  • Length-Based Resuscitation Tape
  • Instructions For Use
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Certa Dose® PALS Syringe Holder Kit
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