Manufacturer: PFIZER INC. (HOSPIRA)
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Manufacturer: PFIZER INC. (HOSPIRA)
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Ceftriaxone, 2g, Vial
Ceftriaxone Vial, USP, 1g
Product # 7335-03 106-10
Color White
Strength 1g
Application Type Human Prescription Drug
Purpose Cephalosporin
Route of Administration Intramuscular, Intravenous Intravenous, Intramuscular
Packaging Type Glass Vial
Preservative-Free Yes Yes
Dosage Form Injection
Life Stage 2g
NDC Code 00409-7335-03
Grade Usp Usp
Sterile Sterile
Formulation Injection Powder
Storage Requirements 20 to 25°C, USP Controlled Room Temperature
Latex Free Yes
Uses To Reduce the Development of Drug Resistant Bacteria and Maintain the Effectiveness of Ceftriaxone for Injection, USP and Other Antibacterial Drugs, Lower Respiratory Tract Infections, Acute Bacterial Otitis Media, Skin and Skin Structure Infections
Closure Size 20mm
Active Ingredient (1) 4in Elastic Bandage, (1) Asherman Chest Seal, 2 Z-PAK, 2 Defender T Olive Drab Exam Gloves XL, (1) Trauma Shears Olive Drab, (1) 3in x 9in Petroleum Gauze, (1) 6in Emergency Bandage, 1-1in Adhesive Tape, (1) BTM Utility Pouch