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Manufacturer: ICU MEDICAL
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  • 374031

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*Box Quantity* Mannitol, 25%, 50ml Vial
*Case Quantity* Mannitol, 20%, 500ml Bag
Product # 374031 377715
Inactive Ingredient Water, Sodium Bicarbonate
Strength 25% 12.5g/50mL 20% 100g/500mL
Application Type Human Prescription Drug Human Prescription Drug
Purpose Osmotic Diuretic
Route of Administration Intravenous Intravenous
Preservative-Free Yes Yes
pH Range 6.3 (4.5 to 7.0)
User Type Adult/Pediatric
Life Stage 50mL 500mL
NDC Code 00409-4031-01 0409-7715-03
Grade Usp Usp
Sterile Sterile Sterile
Formulation Injection, Solution Injection, Solution
Storage Requirements 20 to 25°C, USP Controlled Room Temperature 20 to 25°C, USP Controlled Room Temperature
Latex Free Yes Yes
Uses Therapeutic Use: Promotion of Diuresis in the Prevention or Treatment of the Oliguric Phase of Acute Renal Failure be for E Irreversible Renal Failure Becomes Established, Reduction of Intracranial Pressureand Brain Mass, Reduction of High Intraocular PressureWhen the PressureCannot Be Lowered By Other Means, Promotion Of Urinary Excretion of Toxic Materials. Diagnostic Use: Measurement Of Glomerular Filtration Rate Therapeutic Use, Diagnostic Use
Active Ingredient Mannitol Mannitol