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Argyle™ Salem Sump Dual Lumen Stomach Tubes

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Product description:

The Argyle™ dual lumen tube allows for safer continuous and intermittent gastric suctioning. The large lumen allows for easy suction of gastric contents, decompression, irrigation and medication delivery. The smaller vent lumen allows for atmospheric air to be drawn into the tube and equalizes the vacuum pressure in the stomach once the contents have been emptied. This prevents the suction eyelets from adhering to and damaging the stomach lining.

  • New cm markings allow clinician to easily determine tube depth during placement
  • Double lumen PVC tube- one for suction drainage; one for sump vent
  • X-ray opaque Sentinel Line™ with Sentinel Eye™ tubing
  • Funnel end of vent lumen can be used to cap 5-in-1 adapter
  • Integral irrigation funnel for irrigation through sump vent lumen
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Argyle™ Salem Sump™ Dual Lumen Stomach Tube, 8fr x 24in L
Argyle™ Salem Sump™ Dual Lumen Stomach Tube, 6fr x 24in L
Product # 8888268086 8888268060
DEHP-Free Yes Yes
Material PVC
Application Nasogastric Suction Tube
Life Stage 8fr 6fr
Sterile Sterile Sterile
Length 24in
Style Sump
Brand Salem Sump™ Argyle™ Salem Sump™
Dimension 24in L