Quickdraw Suction Units

Manufacturer: SSCOR, INC.
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Manufacturer: SSCOR, INC.
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Product description:

At less than three pounds, the Quickdraw® is compact and light enough to fit in an airway bag, and can be readily transported to the patient’s side. There is no need to manually pump the Quickdraw, making it easier to control the catheter tip and clear the airway. The canister is equipped with a short and wide fluid path, enabling the Quickdraw to evacuate thick, chunky fluids more quickly. Includes DC power cord and canister.

  • Size: Canister Stored: 10 1/2 inch L x 4 1/2 inch H x 4 1/4 inch W; Canister In Use: 16 inch L x 4 1/2 inch H x 4 1/4 inch W
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs
  • Vacuum Pump: 12V DC oil-less diaphragm, 0.8A. Exceeds 500 mmHg negative pressure
  • Regulator: Vent port on canister; when open it reduces vacuum to 120 mmHG +/- 15%
  • Canister: 300cc capacity, hydrophobic filter, 99.98% bacterial effective

Two battery options are available for the Quickdraw. One utilizes a rechargeable sealed lead and battery. Charge the unit directly from vehicle power, from an AC wall adapter or charge batteries remotely with the desktop charging system. The other utilizes replaceable alkaline battery backs, which offer extended run time to minimize dependence on charging protocols, cables and power sources.

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Quickdraw® Suction Unit with Non-Rechargeable Battery, Olive Drab
Quickdraw® Suction Unit with Non-Rechargeable Battery, Red
Product # 590500A 2403
With Non-Rechargeable Battery
Collection Canister 300cc/mL Capacity: 99.98% Bacterial Effective Filter
Performance Maximum negative Pressure>500mmHg, Low negative Pressuresetting approximately 80 to 100mmHg
Color Olive Drab
Life Stage 10.5in L x 4.35in W x 4.5in H 12‐1/2in L x 4in H x 4in W
Sterile Non-Sterile
Weight 2.6lb 2.6lb
Brand Quickdraw® Quickdraw®