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Res-Cue Pump™ Kit with Disposable Canister
Manufacturer: AMBU
List Price: $70.99 EA
Manufacturer: AMBU
Product description:

The Res-Cue Pump™ Kit is a cost effective alternative to electrical and foot powered devices. The Res-Cue Pump is a portable, hand-operated emergency suction pump.


  • Compact and light weight - small and handly unit takes up very little space
  • Easy to squeeze - requires extremely little force
  • Adjustable vacuum (100%, adult or 50%, children)
  • Fast and powerful - offering superior performance
  • No regular maintenance - low cost operation
  • No special storage conditions - stores easily in most emergency kits
  • Overfill protection - prevents contamination inside the pump/handle and eliminates need for flish-through procedures and prevents inconvenient exhaust splashing of liquids
  • Disposable collection container - no cleaning/sterilisation required
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Total Items Selected
Res-Cue Pump™ Kit with Disposable Canister
Product # 590276
Stroke Adjustment 100% or 50% vacuum
Vacuum Max 450mmHg
Size 18mm x 64mm x 168mm
Container Volume 300mL
Free Airflow Peak >20L/min