CMC Proseries Anchor Straps

Manufacturer: CMC RESCUE, INC.
List Price: $81.99 - $103.99 EA
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Manufacturer: CMC RESCUE, INC.
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Product description:
Our popular ProSeries Anchor Straps, blue color, are available in sizes small to 2XLarge. Available in 3 foot to 15 foot length. They are used by all types of rescue agencies to quickly set strong, secure anchors. Our straps are sewn with all the care and quality we put into our CMC harnesses. The D-Ring allows the use of high-strength web without compromising carabiner strength.
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End-to-End Configuration
NFPA Rating
Choker Configuration
Life Stage
Product Weight
Basket (U) Configuration
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Total Items Selected
ProSeries® Anchor Strap, 3ft, Small, Blue
ProSeries® Anchor Strap, 5ft, Medium, Blue
ProSeries® Anchor Strap, 7ft, Large, Blue
ProSeries® Anchor Strap, 15ft, 2XL, Blue
Product # 72201022 72201023 72201024 72201026
End-to-End Configuration 45kN (10,116lbf) 45kN (10,116lbf) 45kN (10,116lbf)
NFPA Rating General use
Color Blue Blue Blue Blue
Choker Configuration 49kN (11,015lbf) 49kN (11,015lbf) 49kN (11,015lbf)
Material Resin-coated Nylon Web
Life Stage Small Medium Large 15ft
Product Weight 15oz 1.2lb 1.5lb
Length 3ft 5ft 7ft
Weight 2.6lb
Basket (U) Configuration 93kN (20,906lbf) 93kN (20,906lbf) 93kN (20,906lbf)
Brand ProSeries® ProSeries® ProSeries® ProSeries®