SnapLight® Model 20 Wall Mounted Lightstation with 20 Lightsticks, 4hr Duration, 10in L

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Product description:
With an easy to locate glowing label on the cover, the Model 20 Lightstation delivers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that bright, dependable light is always within reach. Perfect for hallways, dark corners, stairwells, guest rooms, closets or anywhere emergecncy light is needed, the Model 20 activates non-toxic, high-intensity emergency light sticks upon opening, flooding the area in portable light. Once Lightstations have been opened, individual light sources can be handed out to staff and guests or strategically positioned throughout a building to provide safe illumination wherever it’s needed most. Lightstations are maintenance-free, and the SnapLights inside have a guaranteed shelf life of five years. Each SnapLight provides a minimum of four hours of bright light. Featuring its prominent red, fire resistant label and a glow-in-the-dark label for when the power goes out, the Cyalume Model 20 emergency light station provides 4 hours of bright reliable light where and when you need it most.
  • 20 Yellow SnapLight light sticks
  • 10in Emergency light sticks provide 360 degrees of illumination for 4hr
  • Non-toxic- and phthalate- free for safety
  • Five-year shelf life for a maintenance-free alternative to common lighting
  • Cabinet locks with two tamper-evident tabs and tag for added security
  • Mounting hardware included
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SnapLight® Model 20 Wall Mounted Lightstation with 20 Lightsticks, 4hr Duration, 10in L
Product # 660960
Duration 4hr
Seal Type Tamper-evident Sealed with Pins
With 20 Lightsticks
Illumination 360°
Mounting Type Wall
Material Plastic
For use with Perfect for Hallways, Dark Corners, Stairwells, Guest Rooms, Closets or Anywhere Emergecncy Light is Needed
Model 20
Brand SnapLight®
Dimensions 10in L
Shelf Life 5 Years