*Discontinued* Resusci® Anne® Simulator with SimPad PLUS Link Box

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The Resusci Anne Simulator has been designed for the unique training needs of emergency care in both pre-hospital and in-hospital environments. It is anatomically realistic with a host of features available for multiple learning objectives featuring:

  • High quality airway management with a BVM and Supra-glottic airway devices
  • Spontaneous breathing
  • ECG and live defibrillation
  • IV
  • Blood pressure
  • Voice, lung and heart sounds for basic simulation training
  • Quality CPR (QCPR) feedback on the SimPad PLUS to measure and improve CPR performance

The SimPad PLUS system will work wirelessly via Wi-Fi with Resusci Anne Simulator transforming the simulation exercise into a mobile and dynamic learning experience enabling learning opportunities to evolve in real time.

The flexible control it brings to the simulators physiological responses at the simple touch on the screen will help capitalize on learning events as they occur ensuring life-saving skills can be taught and practiced to the highest levels of competency.


  • Manikin
  • SimPad PLUS Link Box & Battery (built into manikin)
  • BP Arm & Cuff
  • IV Arm
  • Manual Air Pump
  • 3 Eye Sets
  • Consumables
  • Soft Carry Case
  • User Guide

 *SimPad PLUS Remote Control not included. Please order part number 204-30101 (3616-24311) and 204-50150 (3616-24515) separately.

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*Discontinued* Resusci® Anne® Simulator with SimPad PLUS Link Box
Product # 3611-21150
Manikin Type BLS CPR