Patriot™ Manual Resuscitator/BVM, Disposable

Manufacturer: SUNMED
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Manufacturer: SUNMED
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Product description:
  • Single patient use helps prevent cross-contamination.
    • Completely Disposable. No cleaning, disinfecting or reprocessing required.
  • Attached bacterial/viral filter, oxygen reservoir and mask means The Patriot is ready for immediate use which reduces response times
  • Bacterial/viral filter protects first responder from contaminated expiration content during manual resuscitation
  • Available in most commonly used sizes:
    • Adult (1500ml)
    • Child (550ml)
    • Infant (300ml)
  • Easy-to-read, colorful packaging ensures correct resuscitator size selection
  • Packaged in drawstring bag which can conveniently hang inside ambulances for immediate access
  • Face mask appropriate to patient size is conveniently packaged with resuscitator
  • Patient port swivel allows caregiver to move easily around patient while maintaining proper resuscitation
  • Pliable bag body provides very good tactile feel of lung compliance to assess resuscitation effort
  • Red fits-all oxygen tubing connector provides quick visualization of oxygen connection
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