Curaplex® IV Start Kit w/ IV Guard, Specimen Bag and Tourniquet

Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
List Price: $2.99 EA
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Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
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Product description:

This kit contains the items you need to quickly and effectively introduce an IV to a patient in an emergency setting. 

Kit Includes:

  • (1) IV Guard Catheter dressing
  • (1) Alcohol prep pad, Sterile, Medium
  • (1) PVP prep pad
  • (2) Gauze Sponges, (2/pk), 2in x 2in, 8ply, Sterile
  • (1) Specimen bag, 6in x 9in
  • (1) Tourniquet, latex-free, 1in x 18in, blue, rolled
    • Single-use, offering superior protection
    • High elasticity and length
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