Curaplex® IV Start Kit w/ Tegaderm, Extension Set, Flush Syringe, Tourniquet, and Prevantics Swab

Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
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Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
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Product description:

This kit contains the items you need to quickly and effectively introduce an IV to a patient in an emergency setting. Conveniently secured into a compact, heat seal package, this set saves you precious time when it matters the most.

Kit Includes:

  • Tegaderm transparent IV dressing, 2-3/8in x 2-3/4in
    • Oval shaped I.V. dressing used for challenging IV applications.  The notched design provides better fixation for catheter tubing.  This dressing is extremely versatile and durable. excellent oxygen and moisture permeability
  •  (1) Prevantics swab, 1mL
    • Guards against pathogens like most bacteria, making it the ideal choice for pre-injection skin preparation. Fast and easy to use.
    • Intuitive prep-pad design
  •  (2) Gauze sponges, 2in x 2in, sterile, 8ply
  •  (1) Tourniquet, latex-free, 1in x 18in, blue, rolled
    • Easy to use, soft and comfortable for patients
    • Single-use, offering superior protection
    • High elasticity and length
  • (1) Curaplex® Transparent Surgical Tape, 1in x 18in, latex-free
    • Bi-directional tear
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Water resistant
  • (1) Extension set
  • (1) Flush syringe, 10mL, sodium chloride
    • Minimal breakforce, meaning less waste and mess
    • Smooth operation gives clinicians greater control
    • Sterile

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