Najo RediHold Backboard Without Pins, 72in L x 16in W x 2in H, Red

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Product description:

The NAJO® RediHold features:

  • Two handles at tapered end to allow for more stable transport
  • Head area is smooth to insure all head immobilization devices adhere to the board
  • Buoyant and can be used to float a patient in the water
  • Angled edges for log-rolling
  • Floats 155 lb in water
  • One-piece, high-density, polyethylene plastic construction, with polyurethane foam fill and greater density around the handholds
  • Impervious to all bodily fluids
  • 100% X-ray translucent
  • All boards meet OSHA recommendations and are easy to decontaminate
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