Primary Sapphire™ Infusion Set, Macrobore, Clave™ Y-Site, 1.2 Micron Filter, 121in

Manufacturer: ICU MEDICAL
List Price: $23.99 EA
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Manufacturer: ICU MEDICAL
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Product description:

Primary Sapphire™ Infusion Set — with convertible piercing pin, drip chamber, cassette, CAIR™ clamp, 1.2 micron filter, slide clamp, Clave™ Y-site and secure lock male adapter.


  • Length: 121 inches
  • Tubing I.D.: 0.100 inches
  • Drop Size: 15 drops/mL
  • Priming Capacity: 21 mL
  • Y-Site Type: Clave™
  • Number of Y-Sites: 1
  • Filtered: Yes
  • DEHP Free
  • Latex Free
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