Insyte Autoguard BC Pro Shielded IV Catheters, Winged

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Product description:

When you access a vein, you're at risk of a needlestick injury and blood exposure. If you have to apply pressure after removing the needle, the risk of blood exposure increases. Minimize your worries with BD Insyte™ Autoguard™ BC Pro shielded IV catheter with blood control technology.

First-insertion success is the goal. BD Insyte ™ Autoguard ™ BC Pro Shielded IV Catheter with Blood Control Technology is designed to provide improved control with a taller push tab and three ridges for successful placement and advancement of the catheter the first time.

BD Instaflash™ Needle Technology (included on all 18-24-gauge catheters) is designed to confirm immediate vessel entry at the point of insertion and improve first-stick success reducing painful hit-and-miss insertions.


  • Push-button needle shielding technology
  • Blood control technology provides protection from blood exposure
  • BD Vialon™ biomaterial to help reduce the chance of mechanical phlebitis
  • BD Instaflash™ needle technology helps confirm vessel entry to reduce hit-or-miss insertion and help provide greater first-stick success
  • Complete needle encapsulation
  • Taller push tab and three ridges designed to improve catheter advancement control
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