Introcan Safety® 2 IV Catheter with One-time Blood Control, Straight

Manufacturer: B. BRAUN MEDICAL INC.
Manufacturer: B. BRAUN MEDICAL INC.

Introcan Safety® 2 protects you by a truly automatic passive safety device. The Double Flashback Technology of Introcan Safety® 2 supports first stick success through quick visual confirmation that both needle and catheter are successfully in the vein. The One-time Blood Control Septum is designed to restrict the flow of blood from the catheter hub after needle removal until first connection of a luer access device.


  • Deploys automatically
  • Cannot be bypassed after needle is removed
  • Prevents needle reinsertions when activated
  • Helps reduce bloodborne pathogen exposure
  • Use of blood control IVCs reduces cleanup time and materials
  • The universal bevel is designed to allow flexibility of insertion angles
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