Curaplex® Sharps Container Mounts

Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
Manufacturer: CURAPLEX

Curaplex® Sharps Container Wall Brackets have been designed to securely mount sharps disposal containers in convenient locations.

Item Number: 1860-08782

  • Curaplex Sharps Container Wire Wall Bracket
  • 1-2 Gallon
  • Compatible with items #1860-08706 and #1860-08704

Item Number: 1860-08783

  • Curaplex Sharps Container Wall Bracket
  • 4 Quart
  • With Lock
  • Compatible with item #1860-08706

Item Number: 1860-08708BR

  • Curaplex Sharps Container Wall Bracket
  • 5.4 Quart
  • Compatible with item #1860-08708
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