Magellan Syringes with Hypodermic Safety Needle

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Product description:

Magellan Safety Syringe with Needle is a needle-based safety device preattached to syringe that protects the healthcare worker from accidental needlestick injuries.

  • Latex-free: Prevents any adverse reaction to latex allergies
  • Needle-based safety technology: Promotes clinical flexibility; safety needle may be connected to any standard luer lock syringe
  • Needles pre-attached to syringe: Saves valuable nursing time and improves efficiency
  • Intuitive, one-handed operation: Minimizes risk of needlestick injuries; easy to use with minimal technique change for the clinician
  • Bevel orientation: Saves valuable nursing time; if the safety device is up, the needle bevel is up
  • Self-leveling needle cap: Allows clinician to use the OSHA-recommended technique for passive recapping of the safety needle
  • Audible and tactile click: Confirms safety device has been activated
  • Ultra-sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring needle: Minimizes trauma to muscle tissue for smooth delivery of medications
  • Extended syringe finger flanges: Offer clinician better grip and feel of syringe during medication delivery and clinical practice
  • Complete product line: Simplifies the standardization efforts from standard needle and syringe products to safety products
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