QuikClot® Bleeding Control Bag, with 6 CAT Tourniqets

Manufacturer: TELEFLEX LLC
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Manufacturer: TELEFLEX LLC
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Product description:

QuikClot® Bleeding Control Bag™ (BCB), Item #547/548, is one of the primary components of the QuikClot® Large Event Response Kit.

The QuikClot® Bleeding Control Bag™ (BCB) includes:

  • QuikClot Combat Gauze® LE
  • QuikClot® EMS 4x4 Dressings
  • QuikClot® EMS Rolled Gauze
  • Tourniquets, C-A-T™ (Item #547), SOF™TT-W (Item #548)
  • Dressing, TacMed Control™ Wrap
  • Gloves, Nitrile
  • Shears, EMS-style

The QuikClot® Bleeding Control Bag® (BCB) includes:

  • Tourniquets, C-A-T™
  • Color: High-Visibility Orange
  • 2 main compartments
  • Front and side pockets
  • Internal pockets
  • Full-profile zipper so pack lies flat
  • Shoulder straps and carry handle
  • Weighs less than ten pounds
  • Integral for responding to a range of bleeding situations
  • Innovative design also allows it to function in a stand-alone capacity or as part of an overall bleeding control program
  • Contents can treat up to 18 injuries
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