OxiMax Sensors for Pulse Oximetry

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Product description:
OxiMax™ adhesive sensors are highly accurate and feature tear-resistant bandages that provide a comfortable, secure ""second-skin"" fit. The sensor bandage is also designed to prevent ambient light from interfering with SpO2 readings.

Product Features
  • Sterile, single-patient-use sensors for neonates through adults.
  • LoSat™ expanded accuracy range helps clinicians better manage patients in the challenging lower saturation ranges, such as infants with congenital heart disease.
  • Compatible with OxiMax™ and earlier-generation Nellcor pulse oximetry.
  • OxiMax™ digital memory chip enables special communication features when sensors are used with full-featured OxiMax™ pulse oximeters
  • Sensor Messages relays troubleshooting tips for optimal sensor placement.
  • Sensor Event Report allows alarm event history to travel with the patient for quick assessment at various points of care.
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