SPACE® Emergency Blankets

Manufacturer: Kobayashi Consumer Products, LLC
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Manufacturer: Kobayashi Consumer Products, LLC
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Product description:

The original SPACE® Brand Blankets utilize the same super insulating materials that were developed by NASA for the Apollo Space missions. They are the perfect companion to provide peace of mind during your next adventure or to help prevent trauma shock in post-disaster situations.

All SPACE® Brand Blankets are lightweight, durable, and portable and stow easily in your backpack, boat, car, first aid kit, go-bag, camping gear, or emergency kit at home or at work.


  • Four-layer construction of super insulating materials
  • Great for emergencies and natural disasters
  • Reflects and retains more than 80% of radiated body heat
  • Protection from the elements
  • Radar reflexive
  • Strong and durable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Utilized by a variety of military, rescue, and police organizations
  • Approved by The Boy Scouts of America
  • Dimensions: 56in x 84in
  • Weight: 3oz
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