Taylor TitanPC™, TitanPCX™ & TitanChair™


Taylor Healthcare Products, Inc. continues as the industry leader in quality, innovation and customer service!

Our new TitanPC™, TitanPCX™ and TitanChair™ are beneficial additions to our Titan™ series of soft stretchers to aid in patient rescues and transfers when EMS professionals need compact and lightweight transport units to traverse confined spaces.

  • Limited Use Soft Stretchers
  • Strong, compact, lightweight and cost effective.
  • Each unit is easy to store, durable and fluid impervious.
  • Vital to have on the scene when space limitations prohibit use of standard EMS stretchers.
  • TitanPC™ and TitanPCX™ each have 14 handles to ensure easy lifting while transporting a patient.  Both designed to securely lift 1,500 lbs.
  • The TitanPCX™ accommodates 16”-18” backboards*.
  • The TitanChair™ has 8 handles allowing responders the agility to transport patients from confined spaces or navigate stairways.  The TitanChair™ is designed to securely carry 375 lbs.

*Backboard not included

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