Ready for the Rescue

An AED needs to be ready when you need it. Whether you are an experienced rescuer or a first-time responder, you will appreciate how the Powerheart® G5 AED combines ease of use, reliability, and advanced technologies to help victims survive sudden cardiac arrest.

First-Time Rescuer

You never performed a rescue and have minimal experience with an AED. So you want an AED to provide clear, intuitive guidance and automatically shock the victim during a rescue

Intermediate Rescuer

You could be the first responder during an SCA emergency, so you want an AED with cutting-edge technology, yet intuitive and able to withstand the rigors of your job

Professional Rescuer

You are often the first and last line of defense during an SCA emergency, so you demand an AED that is rugged, utilizes cutting-edge technology and advanced patient treatment capabilities

Discover all the features "under the hood"

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