SimPad System, incl SimPad, Link box, 2 AC Power Supplies, Rechargeable Battery, Drop Ship Only


SimPad System, incl SimPad, Link box, 2 AC Power Supplies, Rechargeable Battery, Drop Ship Only
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SimPad® is a wireless system that provides realistic and remote access to Laerdal manikins and real-life scenarios. It is designed to increase the functionality of VitalSim and SimPad capable manikins.
  • Large, intuitive and interactive handheld touch screen
  • Comprehensive library of physiological patient parameters,including vital signs, ECG recordings, organ and patient sounds
  • Optional wireless patient monitor and software simulates heart rate, SpO2, ECG and temperature parameters
  • Automatic Mode (using existing pre-designed scenarios) or Manual Mode (enabling customized simulations)
  • Log function tracks simulation outcomes for debriefing and assessment
  • Access to SimCenter for validated simulation content, management tools and assessment tools
  • Compatible with both new and existing Laerdal simulators/manikins and non-manikin simulations, such as standardized patients or task trainers.
Includes headset and microphone.

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SimPad System, incl SimPad, Link box, 2 AC Power Supplies, Rechargeable Battery, Drop Ship Only

3616-23101 EA In Stock $3,895.00 $3,895.00

Link Box Only for the SimPad System

Connects to and controls the patient simulator.

3616-23250 EA In Stock $540.80 $540.80

Rugged Patient Monitor for the SimPad System *Discontinued*

This item has been discontinued. Item # 3616-95140 is the suggested replacement for this item.

3616-29410 EA In Stock $5,378.99 $5,378.99 help

Blended Learning SimPad, the SimPad E-learning Course, incl 8 Licenses

The SimPad E-learning course will provide a basic overview of the functionality and operation of SimPad and includes 8 licenses.

3616-21510 EA In Stock $355.00 $355.00

Introduction to Nursing and MegaCode Course SimPad Platform

The focus of this course is to provide an overview of the SimPad System and its functionality. Covers how SimPad integrates with simulation based education.

3616-29151 EA In Stock $2,195.00 $2,195.00

Protection Program, for the SimPad user

For situations where a SimPad user may accidentally damage their SimPad remote due to drops, immersion in water, etc. These events are not warranty replacement situations....1/EA

3616-23116 EA In Stock $890.00 $890.00

SimPad Patient Monitor Software License

Includes 1 license key for the SimPad Patient Monitor Software. For use with the SimPad System, sold separately.

3616-19520 EA In Stock $1,071.00 $1,071.00

Manikin Adapter Cable

Connects SimPad link box to a manikin that has a 37 pin (VitalSim) cable.

3616-45020 EA In Stock $81.40 $81.40

SimPad AiO Simulated PT Monitor, 23inch

All-in-One (AiO) Panel PC or Patient Monitor for the SimPad System.

3616-29301 EA In Stock $3,090.00 $3,090.00