iTClamp® Mechanical Direct Pressure Device

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Product description:

The iTClamp™ by innovative trauma care represents the latest advance in battlefield hemorrhage control − the leading cause of preventable combat death. For self-aid or buddy-aid, it is an intuitive, easy to apply, combat-ready wound closure device that controls severe bleeding within seconds of application during care under fire. Virtually painless, the iTClamp™ seals the wound, creating localized, hands-free pressure that quickly forms a stable clot and prevents further blood loss. Localized pressure remains the simplest, time-tested way to control severe hemorrhage. Application of the iTClamp™ is intuitive and with minimal training every warfighter can instantly treat life−threatening hemorrhage not amenable to a tourniquet. No comparable product exists for care Under Fire or any situations where a tourniquet is not applicable. The iTClamp™ is easy-to-use and can be applied in seconds with a one-handed squeeze application.

  • Fast: Applied in 10sec or less1
  • Versatile: Stops bleeding in all compressible sites
  • Effective: 100% survival in lethal groin injury model2
  • FDA-cleared to staunch extremity, axillary or inguinal bleeding in seconds
  • The only non-tourniquet hemostatic device intended for care under fire
  • One handed application
  • Simple to adjust placement as required
  • Clamp mechanism does not occlude distal perfusion as with most tourniquets
  • Light, portable and accessible
  • Applied in 10sec or less1
  • Greater than 90% first try application success
  • Versatile in treating many compressible treatment sites
  • Minimal pain: Rated a 1 on a pain scale from 1- 10
  • No distal neurovascular impairment
  • Easy application during mobile casualty evacuation (i.e. ambulance or helicopter)
  • Eliminates 3min of manual pressure after wound packing
  • Perfect adjunct for hemostatic bandages and can be applied over most clothing
  • Controls hemorrhage in a stable and/or coagulopathic patient
  • Can be applied during initial assessments in mass casualty triage
  • Frees up medic’s hands to attend to other casualties
  • 6-year Shelf Life
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