UCapIt Controlled Medical Supply Dispensing


The Controlled Access Pharmacy (or CAP) allows EMS, Pharmaceutical and other medical professionals the ability to restock their units 24/7 and have real-time usage and inventory tracking. The CAP can check multiple forms of ID, and will prompt for station or dispatch specific data. All withdrawals are cataloged, time stamped and regulated by tech clearance/training level.

Some of the benefits CAP provides include:

  • Reducing inventory carrying costs
  • Eliminating “shrink” and hording
  • Eliminating waste due to expired products and pharmaceuticals
  • Providing full, real-time reporting of how, what, why and where
  • Providing access to inventory while maintaining control and security
  • Meeting the FDA and DEA federal guidelines for pharmaceutical management
  • Reducing administration costs and streamlining operations
  • Increasing the time apparatus trucks can be in service

Better Inventory

Learn more about how this inventory management system allows EMS management to track inventory and dispense products according to access protocol.

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